Wednesday, February 17, 2010


First of all I thank one of my sister for sharing this recipe with me.This is a dish for special occasions not for any other reason except that it is rich! Its mild, thick, creamy gravy is inspired by the food of Central Asia and came to India during the rule of the famous Mughal dynasty. Cook and eat it and you will feel like royalty yourself!


1/2 kg chicken
1 onions
Shallot -7
Green chilies -3
1 tsps garlic paste
1/2 tsp ginger paste
1" stick of cinnamon
5 pods of cardamom
1/2 tsp cumin powder
2 tsps chicken masala
3 tsp curd
10 cashewnut.
4 tbsps of oil
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste


1.For the marinade,mix for chicken.Ginger garlic paste, salt, chicken masala and yogurt together. Now mix the raw chicken in the marinade and keep it aside for 1 hour or more.
2.Soak and grind the cashewnut into a fine paste and keep aside.
3.Heat the oil in a pan and add cinnamon and cardamom and fry for a minute.Now add the onions till they are brown in colour.
4.Add the Green chilies.
5.Now add chicken and cook until done.
6.Add the cream and the cashewnut paste to the chicken and stir well. Cook until it turns thick gravy.
7.Turn off the fire and sprinkle the Coriander leaves over the chicken. Cover the dish immediately.

Serve with chappathi or naan.


Neetz said...

adipoli da!!!.. will surely make this one day :)

Tina said...

Looks creamy and rich....

Aparna said...

Wow... very nice... lovely...

Jagruti said...

Creamy and royal dish..:))

Malar Gandhi said...

Whoo, lovely chicken recipe, I can hog them all, he he.

Mughals are know for their rich and spicy preparation, I am sure, I will love it. Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe.

Anonymous said...

My fav. mughlai chicken!luks really tasty

Mallugirl said...

nice party worthy dish.