Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carrot Juice And Award

Carrot, peeled and cut into medium pieces – 1
Sugar – 1 or 2 tsp
Cold Milk – 1 1/2 cup

1.Cook the carrot untile done.
2.And when its cooled down ,Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into individual glasses and enjoy!

Nithu Bala has passed me this honest scrap award.Thank u nithu for such an encouragement.
I have already shared about me.
This award comes with a set of rules:

a) I must brag about it.

b) I have to display the badge on my blog and link to the one who tagged me to prove that I didn't tag myself (how pathetic that would be!)

c) Share 10 things about myself.

d) Pass the award to other fellow bloggers by visiting their site.

I would like to share it with all my blogger frnds.


Hari Chandana said...

healthy and delicious juice.. looks verytempting... congrats on ur award dear!!.. :)

Rekha shoban said...

wow!very healthy drink amd nice colour drink!

Cool Lassi(e) said...

Awesome color and a healthy drink too!

Supriya Nair said...

Very healthy drink and the color is so tempting. A quickie as well.

Neetz said...

looks very delicious and healthy :)..congrats on ur awards dear :)

Tina said...

Creamy and healthy drink..Asianet sdiramayi kanarundennu thonunnu...

Jagruti said...

carrot juice looks so colourful and healthy..congrats on your award!

Gita said...

Nice click dear...I too make a similar kinds of juice without milk...love this :)

Nostalgia said...

Congrats on your award and the juice looks delicious.. Wonderful!

my kitchen said...

Creamy & healthy soup,Congrats dear