Sunday, January 14, 2018

Oreo cheese balls

Oreo cookies : 12nos
Cream cheese softened : 60g
Semi sweet chocolate bar (optional)
Semi sweet white chocolate bar  (optional)
Melted butter : 1 Tbs
Milk : 2 Tbs

*Place the oreo on a foil paper or zip lock bag.
*Crush using wooden roller or in a blender.
*Roll until the oreos are fine crumbs.
*Transfer this to a bowel.
*Add softened cream cheese and mix until well blended.
*Rub some butter on the palm and roll in between palms to form into balls.
*Refrigerate or freeze the balls until firm.
*Melt both chocolate in mirowave.
*Add milk to the chocolate and mix well.
*Using a skewer dip the balls in chocolate ganache.
*Place them to foil paper or baking paper.
*Now decorate with some white chocolate.

Watch how to make Oreo cheese balls

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